Giant 50s Christmas Cracker
  • Giant 50s Christmas Cracker

Giant 50s Christmas Cracker

Deck the halls, walls, floors, etc

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    Close up of the vintage print

    Cool vintage print

    Everything seemed much bigger when we were younger – stairs, teachers, bees – but in the case of the Giant 50s Christmas Cracker it’s actually true. This enormous vintage-style cracker measures an astonishing 45cm long!

    Sadly it doesn’t come with a paddling-pool-sized paper crown. But it does contain 4 regular-sized ones, as well as 4 novelty gifts, 4 party blowers and 4 mottos. So forget dishing out piddly little crackers to everyone at the dinner table. Find a partner, roll up your sleeves and get ready to give this oversized Christmas classic a good yank.

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