Giant 1.3kg Whirly Lollipop
  • Giant 1.3kg Whirly Lollipop

Giant 1.3kg Whirly Lollipop

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    Holding the giant whirly pop

    The giant whirly pop is
    bigger than your head!

    If you must insist upon licking a classic swirly lollipop, don’t mess about with some titchy thing that fits snugly in your gob; get your laughing gear round a whopper – a whopper in the eye-wateringly huge shape of the Giant Whirly Pop.

    Created by confectionery legends Adams and Brooks (no, us neither, but apparently they’ve been creating ‘distinct candy products for the young and young at heart since 1932’), this enormous multi-coloured lolly is almost a foot in diameter and weighs a minimum of 1360g. ‘Ulp! Massive? It’s over 25” long including the stick. You’re gonna need a bigger mush!

    Individually wrapped in a Whirly Pop branded wrapper, this high quality lollipop is supplied in a custom carry case, making it the perfect gift for anyone with a serious sweet tooth. Donate a Giant Whirly Pop to the local raffle and the vicar won’t know whether to thank you or report you to the dentist. But who cares when your lollipop’s big enough to use as a mallet. Clonk!
    Comparing the Giant Whirly Pop to an original size

    The Giant Whirly Pop compared to a regular sized one!

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