Ghostbusters ECTO1 Die Cast
  • Ghostbusters ECTO1 Die Cast

Ghostbusters ECTO1 Die Cast

There’s something strange in our neighbourhood

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    As glamorous star vehicles go, ECTO 1 was never up there with the Batmobile or James Bond’s Aston. But then, bustin’ ghosts isn’t like bustin’ international crime syndicates. It’s a blue-collar job and as such, needs a more subtle approach. That’s why a converted 1959 Cadillac professional ambulance with white spray job, huge logo, flashing lights and a siren like a sheep on a waltzer is far more appropriate. Wait...

    Yes, in true New York style, the Ghostbusters made sure that if they were going to risk their chops they’d be darn well seen and heard on the way. And now you can cheer on their outstanding set of wheels with the Ghostbusters ECTO1 Die Cast.

    Faithfully recreated from the original Ecto 1, this officially-licensed, diecast replica is a must for any fan of the movies (so that’s everyone then). Sure, at 1:43 scale it’s a bit of a squeeze. But don’t let this put you off owning an iconic slice of 1980’s cinema. Bustin’ makes everyone feel good!

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