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Ghost Towel
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Ghost Towel


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    "Woo-oo-ooh!" That's supposed to be the wail of a ghost. Pretty pathetic, granted. But perhaps you'd be a little more spooked if we were wearing Ghost Towels. "Woo-oo-ooh!"

    Ghost Towel

    Oversized white towel

    Okay, you can come out from behind the sofa. Your eyes do not deceive you. The Ghost Towel really is an oversized white towel with two spooky eyeholes. Even so it's utterly hilarious. It's also perfect for kids and infantile adults who can't be bothered drying themselves in the traditional manner.

    We're not entirely sure what the makers had in mind when they came up with this supremely silly bathroom accessory but we'd hazard a guess they were watching Scooby Doo re-runs at the time.

    Ghost Towel

    Supremely silly bathroom accessory

    Indeed, we can't resist mumbling "I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids," every time someone unmasks us. And then we realise we're stark naked. Oops!

    Just think of the fun you'll have prancing around, post-shower, with a Ghost Towel over your head. Pretending to be the disembodied soul of a dead person has never been so amusing!

    Ghost Towel

    Hemmed eye holes

    Yes, you could cut a couple of holes in a regular towel but we guarantee it won't hang the same, and your wonky eyeholes are bound to become frayed after repeated haunting/drying sessions. You're also liable to fall short in the length department; and there's no point covering your head if everyone can see your naughty bits. Or maybe there is.

    Despite its utter ridiculousness we think the Ghost Towel is going to be a big hit, so get ordering before the clock strikes midnight and our entire supply vanishes into the afterlife. Or something like that. Who ya gonna call? That's right: Firebox. Woo-oo-ooh!

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