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Ghost Hunt
  • Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt

Shoot those spooky suckers

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  • Help Billy Bones get rid of his ghosts
  • Multiple difficulty settings, it's suitable for players of all ages
  • The perfect game for Halloween sleepovers


Billy Bones sees ghostly ghouls. Or more accurately, he uses his phantasmagorical powers (or infrared lights) to randomly project ghostly visions around the room. It’s sort of like the Sixth Sense, except that there’s no Bruce Willis and the aim of Ghost Hunt is to shoot those spooky suckers with a laser gun.

Billy Bones moving his head

Billy Bones' head (projector)
moves randomly

Ghost projection

Shoot those ghosties down
with the laser gun...

Points score on the gun

Shocking score indeed

You can control the speed and randomness of the projected poltergeists via the settings on Billy's fingers, and the sharp-shooting Laser Gun will keep track of your score. Billy will even scream when you score a direct hit.

Great ghoulish fun during sleepovers, why just tell a scary story when you can be a real life ghost buster? The only question is who will get the most ghosts?

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