Gerber Multi-Lite

    Gerber Multi-Lite

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      This is the neatest of Gerber's rugged multitools. Everything folds up into a tough green housing. It's got all of the typical heard-wearing blades and gizmos, including the excellent Fiskar scissors, but they never get in each other's way. The handle is larger than other multis like it, so it's not so awkward to use.

      Hidden in the lid are separate tweezers, toothpick and an eyeglass screwdriver, and there's also a tiny LED for when you get stranded in the middle of nowhere. A nowhere without any light of any kind. It could happen...

      The Gerber Multi Lite is dark green, and consists of:

      • drop point knife blade

      • emergency LED light

      • saw coupler

      • tweezers

      • Fiskars scissors

      • eyeglass screwdriver

      • flathead screwdriver

      • can opener

      • crosshead screwdriver

      • corkscrew

      • toothpick

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