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Gerber Cool Tool

      Gerber Cool Tool

      The cyclists' choice

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        A 13-in-1 biker's dream, the Cool Tool should come strapped under every saddle as standard. Small enough to conceal about one's person or on the frame, it's easily capable of dealing with almost any cycling catastrophe.

        It's a smartly engineered piece. The two 'prongs' either side of the central wrench (which comprise most of the other components - very neat) fold back so that you can get proper leverage when tackling a troublesome nut. And there's nothing worse than having to cope with one of those on a grass verge.

        The Cool Tool comes with a pouch and consists of:

        • 19mm adjustable head wrench

        • emergency tyre lever

        • crosshead screwdriver

        • 14mm and 15mm sockets

        • five sizes of Allen key

        • spoke wrench

        • bottle opener

        • chain tool

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