Geppeto's Pencil Sharpener
  • Geppeto's Pencil Sharpener

Geppeto's Pencil Sharpener

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    sharpener and pencil

    Pencil included!

    Ever wonder why Geppetto made a wooden puppet for a son, when he could have just found himself a nice Geppetta and done it properly? Because having a little wooden chap around is handier than it sounds. At least, if Geppeto's Pencil Sharpener is anything to go by.

    With a wooden pencil for a nose, this cheeky character looks great wobbling about on your desk. And forget the myth that young Pinnochio’s nose grows when he tell lies. This handy gadget will shrink your pencil no matter what you write! Go on, doodle something slanderous.

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