Georgia Brown Plectrum Wallet
  • Georgia Brown Plectrum Wallet

Georgia Brown Plectrum Wallet

Put your money where your pick is

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    ID side of the wallet

    100% full-grain leather

    Guitar players love their plectrums almost as much as their axes. But that doesn’t stop the silly pluckers losing them left, right and centre. Yes, you can slip one in your wallet, but even then it’s liable to get lost amidst all those groupies’ telephone numbers and agents’ business cards. So thank Hendrix for the Georgia Brown Plectrum Wallet.

    Brought to you by Whipping Post, makers of some of the world’s finest guitar cases, this 100% full-grain leather wallet features a special pocket for your favourite pick, along with three credit card slots and separate compartments for your cash and driving licence. So as well as storing (almost) all your tour essentials, you can show the world just what a muso you are every time you buy a pint (of JD).

    Gorgeously crafted (it even comes in a very tasteful gift box), the Georgia Brown is an ideal gift for pro strummers and wannabe widdlers alike. In fact you don’t even need a guitar to enjoy the benefits of owning this quality wallet. ‘Ooh, do you play guitar? You simply must come back to my place to see my backstage pass collection.’ Twang!

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