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Geomag Glow-In-The-Dark Space Set
  • Geomag Glow-In-The-Dark Space Set

Geomag Glow-In-The-Dark Space Set

To geometry... and beyond!

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    Build a Glow in the dark space shuttle

    Welcome to the world of Geomag! This ingenious construction kit lets you build complex (or really simple) 3D structures using basic geometric shapes. And the Geomag Glow In The Dark Space Set goes one step further.

    Use the Space Set’s special glow-in-the-dark rods and chrome spheres to build the framework of a shuttle or space station. These clever components are magnetised, so they’ll easily clip together. But if your structure is still a bit wobbly, pop the supplied triangular and square panels in for a bit of support.

    The handy instruction booklet is great to get you started, but who ever reads the instructions? Get playing with these simple rods and spheres and you’ll be building your very own out-of-this-world objects in no time.

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