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Geomag - 25% off!

    Geomag - 25% off!

    The marvellous, magnetic, modular plaything

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      If you've ever fancied yourself as a bit of an Isambard Kingdom Brunel-type, but just couldn't face the prospect of being caught playing with Sticklebricks, Geomag is definitely for you. This ingenious modular construction system is made up of interconnecting magnetic bars that can be built into complex 3-dimensional models such as cubes, pyramids, and even dodecahedric spheres (and before you ask - no, we don't know what they are either).

      The sleek and contemporary Classic Executive Set is available as a 44 or 130 piece set, and is finished in smart silver - a real bonus, as no CEO worth his salt wants to be caught toying with a multicoloured plaything when he should be using his bin for screwed-up job-application target practice.

      Geomag also acts as a great stress reliever/executive toy and looks just as cool, cerebral and sophisticated sitting on a post-millennial desk as those Newton's Cradle ball swinging thingies did back in the last century.

      For those of you who couldn't give a jot what other people think of your hobbies, we also stock the multicoloured 20-piece box sets of Geomag - great for first timers or those wishing to expand their existing system. (Take it from us - there's nothing worse than running out of bits just as your Eiffel Tower's nearing completion).

      Whatever version you choose, Geomag is guaranteed to keep you occupied during those brief lulls in the day (usually between nine and five) and is sure to reignite that childish but edifying compulsion to build, fiddle and play.

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