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Genie Head Massager
  • Genie Head Massager

Genie Head Massager

Ooh, me head!

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    Genie Head Massager
    You can’t beat a decent head massage. But doing it with your own fleshy fingers is a bit rubbish, unless you dig the Stan Laurel look. So thank goodness for the incredible Genie Head Massager.

    Despite resembling an alien probe, this simple but amazing massager delivers inexplicably pleasurable, shivery sensations every time you move it around on your scalp or neck. The effect is truly relaxing, spine-tinglingly irresistible and ever-so-slightly sensual. Get a friend or loved one to do it for you and you’ll be in shiver-shudder goosebump heaven. Stress, what stress?
    Genie Head Massager

    We’re not entirely sure how the Genie works its magic but its spindly, weightless fingers gently caress and massage various acupressure points on your scalp, neck and face (it says here). But you won’t care about all that new age nonsense when your entire body is experiencing wave after wave of shivery pleasure. Resistance is futile. Ohmmmmm!

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