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Gelli Baff Gift Set
  • Gelli Baff Gift Set

Gelli Baff Gift Set

Goo, glorious goo!

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    Kids having fun in a Gelli-Baff!

    It's gungetime!

    Hey kids! Why sit in boring ol’ bathwater when you can play in gloriously thick, colourful goo? It’s easy thanks to the Gelli Baff Gift Set. Turning bathtime into gungetime has never been such fun.

    Simply fill the bath as normal (about 40 litres should do it), sprinkle in the award-winning Gelli Baff powder and before you can scream ‘Bathtime!’ (well, about two minutes) the bathwater changes into gloriously thick, colourful goo. Amazing!

    Description Description Description

    Prepare it
    Sprinkle in the 'goo former'

    Enjoy it
    Good clean fun!

    Dissolve it
    Sprinkle in the 'goo dissolver'

    Close up of the gloop

    The gloop: close-up

    Just imagine, you can pretend you’re swimming through red lava, squatting in swampy green glunge or bathing in blue bleurgh. It really is gloop-tastically entertaining stuff.

    When the fun’s done, just add the dissolver sachet and the goo turns back into bathwater. How clever is that! This special gift set contains two random colours of Gelli Baff plus a free 250ml bottle of Bubble Baff. Boring ol’ bathwater? Are you havin’ a baff!

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