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Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath
  • Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath

Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath

From water to gel and back again

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    Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath

    Soothing and relaxing.

    Bath gel? Here at Firebox? Don't panic, we haven't gone soft. Well we have, quite literally, because we've been bathing in Gelicity, a miraculous product that turns boring old bath water into luxuriously thick gel infused with aromatherapy oils. And when we say thick we mean it - it's like being suspended in a hot, fragrant trifle.

    Taking bath time to new heights of decadence, Gelicity Aromatherapy Bath Gel is actually a powder but when it mixes with water something quite astonishing occurs. Within minutes the water becomes gel - and not just any gel; this soothing stuff is infused with lavender, jasmine and bergamot. Bliss!

    Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath

    Wonderful goo!

    Indeed this gorgeously therapeutic goo is so thick you need to add a dash of the included dissolver when you get out. This magically turns the gel back into liquid allowing it to run down the plughole. Amazing! You won't know whether to dry yourself or applaud.

    Because of its gloopy composition the gel retains heat up to three times longer, soothing your skin, easing aching joints and muscles, and opening and cleaning your pores. You really can soak yourself silly. It's like having a luxury spa treatment in the tub. And seeing as the oils within Gelicity have been carefully selected to relax and revive you'll emerge feeling pampered to the max.

    From water to gel:

    Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath

    Empty the Gel Former pack into your bath water.

    Stir in and wait for 4-5 minutes.

    Your bath water has been transformed into a thick luxurious gel!

    From gel back to water:

    Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath

    Pour in the Gel Dissolver while you are still in the bath.

    As Gelicity starts to turn back into water, get out of the bath.

    Wait another 10-15 minutes and drain!

    As well as its restorative benefits, Gelicity Aromatherapy Bath Gel is great fun for adults and kids alike, because soaking in a tub of luxe goo feels incredibly surreal. Regular baths will seem positively boring in comparison. You really have to experience it to believe it. So get ordering - it's what bath tubs were invented for!

    Three versions available:

    Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath

    Lavender, Jasmine and Bergamot



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