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    iPhone cover

    Give yours a bit of skin!

    Here at Firebox we believe in diversity not uniformity, an ethos that extends to gizmos as well as people. Because let's be honest, the iPhones of this world are supremely stylish but they're not particularly individual, are they? And that's where Gelaskins come in.

    These super low-profile protective skins are adorned with unique designs by some of the coolest artists on the planet. Think of them as über-hip removable tattoos for your iPhone. Made from premium grade 3M vinyl with special adhesive backing, Gelaskins are unlike any other stick-on thingies you've seen, and they're guaranteed to funk-up your iPhone while delivering them from pesky scratches. Bulky protective armour? Who needs it!

    Gelaskins are easy-peasy to apply. Simply peel off the protective backing and carefully position the design to fit around all those gorgeous minimal lines and curvy edges. As well as art-crammed protective skin you also get access to a downloadable screensaver that matches your chosen design. Brilliant!

    Designs available:
    iPhone Gelaskin cover: The Soundtrack iPhone Gelaskin cover: Moon

    The Soundtrack


    iPhone Gelaskin cover: Bloom iPhone Gelaskin cover: Union Flag


    Union Flag

    Best of all Gelaskins can be removed without leaving any sticky marks, so you can customise the look of your device as many times as you fancy. And with several eye-popping designs available you're spoilt for choice.

    If any of you DIY tightwads are preparing to get busy with a few felt tip pens and a roll of cling film, don't - it's impossible to replicate that achingly cool Gelaskins look. Besides, don't you think your beloved iPhone deserve to stand out from the crowd with an incredibly distinctive, high quality protective system? Exactly.

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