Gekko Nightfighter

    Gekko Nightfighter

    Durable entry-level RC airplane

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      Flying can be a peculiar business that throws up more questions than it answers: why did Kamikaze pilots wear helmets? Why do cabin crew insist on explaining how to do up a seatbelt? Why aren't planes made from the same indestructible stuff as black boxes? And, most importantly, why are most RC planes so darned expensive?

      To be honest, we don't really know, but the good news is, the incredible Gekko 11 Nightfighter has a seriously down to earth price tag. Despite sounding like some kind of lizard-esque superhero, this winged wonder is actually an easy to fly, entry level RC plane that's a sheer pleasure to pilot.

      Nifty ergonomic handset

      Controlled via a nifty ergonomic handset, the Gekko is, in RC flying terms, one of the easiest planes we've ever flown. A simple Up/Down switch controls ascent and descent, whilst a L/R switch controls direction. And let's be honest, if you need that explaining to you more than once you really ought to consider a slightly more basic flying plaything. Something like a twig, perhaps. Just launch this powerful, twin prop, WW2-style beauty into the breeze and take control. It's that easy!

      Beginners needn't worry too much about losing control, as the Gekko is crafted from flexible material that can withstand fairly heavy crashes. The Gekko is much more rugged than most high-end, more expensive planes. Petrol-driven big boys can snigger all they like, but the fact is you'll be the last one laughing when their costly machines inevitably crash and burn – literally!

      Gekko Nighfighter: scale shot

      The Gekko's handy twin channel control unit also doubles up as charger, so you can play as you go. Each charge (from the 4.2V NiMH battery) is good for a 2 minute flight – pretty good going, as a couple of minutes feels like an eternity when you're not having to constantly battle with the controls. The Gekko really is a fantastic way to get into RC flying and its simple but ingenious design combined with realistic WW2 Japanese styling means you'll soon be saying 'kanpai' (cheers) to your good friends at Firebox.

      PLEASE NOTE: The Gekko Nightfighter cannot be shipped outside UK and Europe. We apologise for any incovenience.

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