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Gazillion Typhoon Bubble Machine

    Gazillion Typhoon Bubble Machine

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      Remember when you were a kid and blowing bubbles was all the rage? Well guess what? It still is! But you can't stop progress and puny plastic wands dipped in soapy liquid are terribly passé. Today it's all about bubble machines. How else do you think all those Ibizan superclubs fill the air with torrents of bubbles?

      But how do you recreate that bubbletastic atmosphere at home without forking out on a mega-pricey machine? No, you don't put a fan under a Connect 4 frame dipped in bath water (it doesn't work, we've tried); you buy the brilliant Gazillion Typhoon Bubble Machine.

      Gazillion Typhoon Bubble Machine This revolutionary little battery-operated contraption is ideal for parties as it unleashes billions, no gazillions, of bubbles at a truly eye-popping rate. And operating it is easier than…er, blowing bubbles. Simply pour the Gazillion bubble solution into the bubble chamber, switch the Typhoon on and watch in awe as it blows gazillions (we've counted) of colourful bubbles skywards.

      Just imagine, with the supremely portable Gazillion Typhoon in tow you can create a magical mood anywhere you fancy: picnics, parties, barbecues, weddings, funerals - you name it. Actually maybe it's not such a good idea at funerals. Appealing to the kid in all of us, everyone loves to be surrounded by bubbles - they possess that all-important 'ooh, aah' factor that only fireworks and flaming torches seem to share. What's more, billions of bubbles will give your 'do' that special something, day or night.

      Gazillion Typhoon Bubble Machine

      Apart from getting Paul Oakenfold to DJ in your back garden whilst a squad of scantily-clad supermodels skydives in from P Diddy's private jet, we can think of no better way to add a bit of oomph to your soirees. So what are you waiting for? If you're lookin' for bubbles you came to the right place!

      Gazillion Typhoon Bubble Machine

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