Gazillion Bubble-Go-Round
  • Gazillion Bubble-Go-Round

Gazillion Bubble-Go-Round

Lookin' for bubbles?

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    Love bubbles? So do we. But puny plastic wands dipped in soapy liquid are no match for the Gazillion Bubble-Go-Round. This powerful little contraption is one of the most effective bubble blowers we've ever seen, and just like a wand you can take it anywhere.
    Gazillion Bubble-Go-Round


    The revolutionary Gazillion is ideal for parties as it is battery-operated and supremely portable. It also looks like something from a Duck Dodgers cartoon by way of Willy Wonka. But here's the really good bit: unlike its static predecessor the entire shebang revolves, propelling its bubbly barrage through a full 360°. Unbelievabubble!

    Gazillion by name, gazillion by nature, because this bubbletastic machine unleashes its perfectly formed soapy spheres at a quite staggering rate. Indeed we're not sure how many squillion, gajillion, umptillion bubbles there are in a gazillion but we can assure there are a lot. And because the Gazillion revolves you'll be completely surrounded.

    Gazillion Bubble-Go-Round

    Press to spin

    Just imagine, with a Gazillion Bubble-Go-Round you can create a magical mood anywhere you fancy, day or night: picnics, kids' parties, barbecues, weddings - you name it, everyone loves to be surrounded by bubbles.

    Operating this spectacularly impressive gizmo is easier than…er, blowing bubbles. Simply pop two bottles of bubble solution (included) onto the Gazillion's 'arms', flick the switch and watch in awe as it blows gazillions (we've counted) of colourful bubbles skywards.

    Gazillion Bubble-Go-Round

    Refills available

    Apart from those things they use in Ibizan superclubs, this really is the ultimate bubble blower, and it sure beats all that exhausting dipping and blowing business. So what are you waiting for? If you're lookin' for bubbles you've come to the right place!

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