Garmin Forerunner 610 Sports Watch
  • Garmin Forerunner 610 Sports Watch

Garmin Forerunner 610 Sports Watch

All you have to do is run

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    man wearing watching in wet conditions

    Weather-proof touchscreen is handy!

    Short of actually running around for you, the Garmin Forerunner 610 Sports Watch has absolutely everything you need to get in shape and keep track of your fitness. One of the most advanced GPS-enabled watches in the world, this lightweight piece of kit works in unison with the supplied heart rate monitor – giving you up-to-the minute data on your distance, pace, GPS position, heart rate, calories burned and more as you run, and detailed analysis on your home computer afterwards (that’s the fun bit). The high tech kit will even upload your data to a PC or MAC wirelessly whenever you’re in range. So once you’ve finished exercising you don’t have to lift a finger.

    The tough glass touchscreen is resistant to rain, sweat and splashes, but it’ll still work when you’re wearing gloves. Access the various functions with a swipe and scroll action, or bring up important data with a single tap. The 610 has been designed to work around your needs.

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    Clear and precise workout details

    Set yourself a target time/distance before you start with Garmin’s Virtual Racer software and the watch will act as a virtual opponent. Or you could use the Virtual Partner feature to set yourself a static pace to run with. Vibration alerts keep you posted on milestones (or KMstones), heart rate levels and time checks along your route – so there’s no need to listen out for the beeps. Perfect if you like to listen to music while you run. But best of all, thanks to the advanced GPS software the 610 will actually remember where you began your run, and guide you back if you get lost. It’s like having a personal trainer strapped to your wrist!

    The 610 comes with a premium heart rate monitor with soft chest straps. Wear it when you’re out and it’ll beam accurate heart rate data to your watch as you run. Preset up to 5 different heart rate alerts to see when you’re exercising at your optimal rate, when you’re pushing yourself too hard and when to pick up the pace. Too busy jogging to keep track of all that? Don’t worry, all of the data is saved on the watch, ready to be uploaded to your computer when you get home.

    Thanks to the built-in ANT+ wireless technology and supplied USB stick, once you are within wireless range of your MAC or PC the 610 will upload your data automatically. Access it with Garmin’s included software, and post your progress to Garmin Connect™. On their free-to-use website you’ll be able to view your routes on a map, set yourself new goals, chat to other athletes, research routes in your area, and more. It’s the high tech way to monitor your progress from one run to the next and give yourself the pat on the back you deserve.

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