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Garlic Twist
  • Garlic Twist

Garlic Twist

Destroyer of cloves

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    Garlic is wonderfully tasty stuff, but it doesn’t half linger if you get any on your skin. And a typical garlic press looks like a bit of old farming equipment in your modern kitchen. So when it comes to pepping up your bolognese, you’re stuck between smelly hands or looking like a straw-chomping yokel. Dilemma!

    Use the base to mash up the garlic bulbs Rotating the two segments Emptying the shredded garlic

    Use the base to mash the bulbs

    Rotate the two segments
    in opposite directions

    Empty your shredded garlic to cook!

    washing the Garlic Twist

    Easy to clean

    Well... not so much. Because the Garlic Twist makes short work of those pungent little bulbs. Just mash a couple of cloves under the flat base and remove their peels, then pop them inside the Garlic Twist. As you rotate the two segments in opposite directions, the little moulded teeth on the inside shred the garlic to bits.

    Thanks to the clear plastic you can watch as you dash the cloves to pieces, so you can make it as fine or coarse as you like. Just open the lid when you’re finished and tip the shredded garlic into your pan. The two parts of the Garlic Twist rinse easily under the tap, ready for the next time a clove needs mangling.

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