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Garden Critter Solar Light
  • Garden Critter Solar Light
  • Garden Critter Solar Light
  • Garden Critter Solar Light

Garden Critter Solar Light

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

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  • Liven up your lawn with these cute light-up creatures
  • Cast from rugged weather-proof resin
  • Complete with goofy smiles and nonchalant hand gestures
  • Soak up the sun's rays by day so their goggled eyes glow at night
  • Illuminate your garden pathways and deter unenthusiastic burglars


Not a measly beard, pointy hat or fishing rod in sight – these Garden Critter Solar Lights aren't to be lumped in with all the other tasteless gnomes.

Sure they're still miniature garden ornaments, but just look at their smiling goofy faces as they flick a casual 'V' to the world. A solar panel embedded into the "fur" on their back soaks up the sun's mighty rays during the day and as darkness falls, their wide goggled eyes begin to light up, glowing white in the night.

It's like a cute and furry version of the 'Village of the Damned', perfect for lighting up your garden pathways or frightening off easily-scared burglars.

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2 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "It was a birthday present for my sister in law and she loved it, cute and practical."
    Lisa - 14th of May, 2015
  • "Nothing like a Gopher wearing light up shades flashing the Iron V to show the noisy neighbors how much you appreciate them."
    Adam - 13th of March, 2015