Gamevice iPhone Controller
  • Gamevice iPhone Controller
  • Gamevice iPhone Controller
  • Gamevice iPhone Controller
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Gamevice iPhone Controller

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Gamevice iPhone Controller
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Play console games on your iPhone
  • Compatible with hundreds of games, including Fortnite!
  • Plug and play, no need for tedious syncing or pairing
  • Give yourself an instant competitive edge
  • Playing with touch screen controls? Have fun losing!


You've been cross map sniping, SCAR bodying, and shot gun blasting your enemies... but you've still not won on Fortnite. It’s because you’re still playing with touch screen controls. Probably.

This nifty controller will have you racking up back to back wins in no time. Not just on Fortnite either. This baby is compatible with hundreds of bestselling triple A titles, including Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Final Fantasy, and even Goat Simulator.

Just plug it into your iOS device and prepare to transform your mobile gaming experience. Seriously. It’s that simple. You’ve now got an instant competitive edge over any other player and all you had to do was plug something in. You’ll be kicking yourself for not getting one sooner.

Apple iOS devices have processors and storage on par with most popular consoles, so if you're not using yours for gaming then you're kind of wasting all that amazing tech that's just sat there in your pocket. And with over 1,000 games on Gamevice Live, you can take the library and controls of all your favourite titles literally anywhere. Sling that console in the bin and get your phone out. That’s an order, soldier.

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