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Game of Thrones Replica Iron Throne

Watch the Iron Throne

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  • Take your rightful place on this imposing full-size replica
  • No need to sail to King's Landing or conquer the Seven Kingdoms
  • Forged from a thousand enemy swords (erm, fibreglass)
  • Will you rule like an honourable Eddard Stark or a sadistic Joffrey?
Forged from a thousand enemy swords in the fiery breath of the dragon Balerion the Black Dread, the Iron Throne is the darkly imposing seat of power in King’s Landing. Needless to say we’re pretty excited to be offering Aegon the Conqueror’s favourite chair for sale at Firebox.

Of course, we couldn’t get the actual ‘real’ Iron Throne, because, well, we’d have to invade Westeros and conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Then of course we’d have to consider the implications of the White Walkers, and the potential for the Wildlings to cross the wall, not to mention that there’s a hot chick with some pet dragons intent on stealing our new chair anyway.

Also, it’s a completely fictional piece of furniture, which only exists in a fantasy land.

Luckily, there’s an easier way. So put down your broadsword, call off your direwolves and command your armies to stand down, because for the low, low price of £20,000 you can have your very own (officially licensed) Game of Thrones Replica Iron Throne hand delivered across the narrow seas to your castle by the infamous smuggler, Sir Davos Seaworth.*

This incredible throne is highly limited, so don’t wait, after all… Winter is coming.

*Alternatively, delivery will be handled by an approved courier network.

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