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Game of Thrones Mask - White Walker

The long night is here

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  • Give yourself over to Night King and the army of the dead
  • Create your own geometric cardboard White Walker sigil
  • Comes with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Mount it on the wall (your wall, not the wall)
"...half-forgotten demons out of legend, the inhuman Others, raise cold legions of the undead and the neverborn and prepare to ride down on the winds of winter to extinguish everything we would consider life."

Join the army of the dead and usher in the final (😭 ) season of Game of Thrones by creating your own piece of show memorabilia.

This geometric Game of Thrones Wintercroft Mask is inspired by our favourite undead creatures beyond the wall. If you're thinking the great houses of Westeros don't stand a chance in hell, give yourself over to the Night King and create your own White Walker mask.

The assembly instructions are as easy as one of Little Finger's courtesans; and once you've finished you can either wear your mask around the house or mount it on the wall (your wall, not the wall) for all to admire.

Each book also contains key information about the figure and historical white walker references so you can get your geek on.

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