Memory-mangling meteor!

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      Gya After a few goes on GYA you won't know whether to laugh or cry. Well, we say cry; what we actually mean is wail hysterically, pull your hair out, ladle soup over your head and drive a steamroller loaded with anvils over this preposterously addictive little electronic game.

      Gya Yes people, as you may have determined, GYA is a gizmo that's so infuriatingly habit-forming you'll just love to hate it. But you'll be unable to act on your impulses as putting this LED-laden lump of circuitry down is impossible - its one-more-go-factor is totally off the scale!

      Gya According to its wily creators, GYA has landed on our planet (that's Earth for all our Martian readers) and must be deactivated. Which might be true - all we know is that this little plastic orb is dotted with several pressable (of course that's a word) red lights. The idea is to work your way through 10 multi-level, follow-the-leader-style games in order to reach the final showdown. A bit like that electronic classic Merlin (ask your dad).

      Gya After initially activating GYA, players must select a game by pressing the relevant flashing light. Once a game is completed that light will remain constantly lit. Completed games are then stored within GYA's memory.

      We're too transfixed by GYA to explain every game in detail, but here are a few to whet your appetite: First Contact involves pushing the buttons as soon as they light up; miss too many and you're out. Virus Attack entails pressing as many lit buttons as possible once the music stops. Yes, we said music! Because as well as light-related games, GYA also has a few auditory challenges. For example, in Sonic Pairs the idea is to press buttons to find the matching sounds.

      If all this sounds about as exciting as pushing a few red lights, don't be downbeat. Our entire office has gone bonkers over this devious little sphere, and we guarantee you'll be twisting and turning GYA like a Rubik's Cube champ on Red Bull within seconds of activating it. Arrgh! The lights, the lights!

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