GTrek II GPS Data Recorder
  • GTrek II GPS Data Recorder

GTrek II GPS Data Recorder

Where’ve you been?

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    Handy pocket-sized design

    These days we’re using GPS tracking more and more. Whether it’s on a Sat Nav or a smartphone, we can always find out where we are and where we’re going. But what about where we’ve been? That’s where the GTrek II GPS Data Recorder comes in.

    Why would we need to know where we’ve been? Well, runners and cyclists have already begun to use this kind of data as a vital part of their training. But it’s handy for logging any long journey – whether it’s a ramble in the countryside or a round-the-world trip. Now you can share your interesting trips with friends, show the way to local points of interest, or just log your day to day life.

    cycling skiing/snowboarding paragliding

    Use it to log your favourite rides

    Track your best runs on the piste

    Even record your paragliding in 3D!

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    Sync with Google Earth

    But if all this sounds a bit creepy, don’t worry. You can easily switch the GTrek II off. When you’re ready to begin your trip just switch the GTrek II to “Log” mode and it’ll begin recording data. There’s no screen or any feedback beyond a single flashing orange LED to show it’s working. So the battery will last an enormous 25 hours. Unlike many similar gadgets, the GTrek II doesn’t broadcast any signal. So you can use it safely on aeroplanes and even track your movements across the continents.

    altitude latitude

    Keep track of all your locations

    When you get home, plug the device into your PC and upload your journey data. It’ll automatically show your where you've been using Google Maps or Google Earth; and give you an accurate readout of the distance you’ve covered, speeds and altitudes. For a real treat you can even use Google Earth’s free software to watch a 3D replay of your trip in real time. This is particularly satisfying if you’ve used the GTrek II to log your day at Alton Towers. “Arms in the air, everybody... weeeeeee!”

    Although it won’t take photos itself, you can easily synchronise the clock on your digital camera with the GTrek II’s internal clock. This way it’ll know exactly where you were when each shot was taken, and update your route information with your pictures – a far more exciting way to show off your holiday snaps.

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