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GT MAX 1:6 R/C Car

    GT MAX 1:6 R/C Car

    It is big and it is clever!

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      Although Firebox frequently pays tribute to the miracle of miniaturisation - especially when it comes to RC cars - there's still something to be said for big, brash vehicles. Brutish, macho, unsubtle; say what you like, big is very often beautiful. Unfortunately, the whole world of RC cars has been totally preoccupied with diminutive dimensions for some time. Bad news for fans of hefty vroom vrooms. Don't get us wrong, we love tiny cars. But, as the saying goes, whacking great RC vehicles really rock! All right, so we made that saying up, but it is an undeniable fact.

      That's why we were (almost literally) bowled over when the huge GT Max 1:6 Scale RC Car careered into Firebox HQ. Frankly, if this gleaming GT-style racer was any bigger some of the smaller members of the Firebox team could've got in it and driven away. And that just wouldn't do, because we were eager to give this massive, beautifully engineered motor a spin round the office.

      Despite its hulking size, the GT Max seriously shifts and it handles like a dream. Four directional steering and independent front and rear suspension gives the GT Max surprisingly realistic handling, and the pistol-style controller is a doddle to manipulate. If anything, the GT Max's significant size adds to the realism because it doesn't flit across the floor like a Tasmanian termite on heat. The GT Max's straight-line speed is truly astonishing - up to 30mph! - and working front and rear lights mean you can go for a burn after dark.

      If you've ever gazed wistfully into the window of a top toyshop and checked out the price tags dangling from similarly humungous RC cars, you'll know that they're usually aimed at Russian oil magnates and Arabic royalty. Amazingly, the GT Max's price tag is as small as the car is big. And if that's not a good enough reason to get one, consider the fun you'll have blitzing past (and over!) your mates' piffling little palm-sized racers. Take it from us, big is back!

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