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GI Joe 30th Anniversary Land Adventurer
  • GI Joe 30th Anniversary Land Adventurer

GI Joe 30th Anniversary Land Adventurer

When the going gets tough, the tough get re-issued

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    GI Joe

    He got you!

    Forget about the muscle-bound meatheads currently masquerading as action figures; GI Joe is back reporting for duty and he's just as tough as you remember.

    Celebrating 30 years of adventure, the GI Joe 30th Anniversary Land Adventurer sees the welcome return of everybody's favorite fuzzy-haired hero. More macho than a box set of Burt Reynolds' road movies, this re-issued icon is a painstakingly detailed reproduction of the classic GI Joe Land Adventurer - you remember, the little guy who swung from your mom's clothes line whilst traversing perilous ravines in your imagination; the super soldier who had to be flown to a field hospital (okay, thrown in the tub) before he lost too much ketchup.
    GI Joe

    Everybody's favorite fuzzy-haired hero

    GI Joe

    Gun holster

    The second your run your fingertips over Joe's bristly beard and crew cut (and let's face it, we've all been there) you'll realize he's the real deal. You may even be tempted to provide a few gruff voices for your all-American hero as he wrestles with danger in your back yard/imagination.

    GI Joe

    Underwater Explorer

    Fate of the Troubleshooter

    Black Widow Rendezvous

    The GI Joe 30th Anniversary Land Adventurer is ready for action dressed in his familiar camouflage uniform. He even comes equipped with a side-arm and holster, black boots and special silver-plated dog tag with the AT (Adventure Team) logo on one side and 30 Years of Adventure on the reverse. The memories will come flooding back as soon as you see that reproduction packaging with original artwork. No wonder this rugged little posable figure caught the imagination of millions back in the last century.

    GI Joe

    White Tiger Hunt

    Drag Bike

    Jaws of Death

    GI Joe

    Silver medallion

    If you're worried about looking like a dork playing with a retro action figure, worry not: GI Joe ships with a special AT cloisonné lapel pin for you to wear at all times. (Waddya mean, of course it looks cool, and yes, your boss will love it). Pins aside, it takes a real man to play with GI Joe, especially one that makes most of today's pretend soldiers look seriously wimpy. So hurry up and get ordering before our entire squadron marches out the warehouse.

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