G155 Mobile Gaming Environment
  • G155 Mobile Gaming Environment

G155 Mobile Gaming Environment

Bring it!

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    PS3 Slim or Xbox 360

    Fits an Xbox 360 or PS3 Slim

    Going on holiday? Stuck round your Nan’s house? Wherever you are, don't let being away from your bedroom get in the way of your console gaming. Thanks to the G155 Mobile Gaming Environment you can deliver your own brand of shock and awe anywhere there’s plug socket.

    This self-contained gamer’s paradise acts as a rugged carry case for your console, cables, controllers and games. But best of all, it has a built-in 15.5” LED HD display, with integrated stereo speakers! Perfect for gaming in HD or watching movies. What’s that? You’re going for a long country walk? Nah I’m good here thanks. I’ve got smack to lay down.

    case closed

    Hard plastic shell protects the console

    The fitted foam base and velcro straps keep your hardware locked in tight while you’re on the move; and the hard plastic shell protects the valuable cargo from knocks and bumps. What’s more, the lightweight design even complies with TSA guidelines. So you can even take it onto an aeroplane as hand luggage – although whether they’ll let you anywhere near a plug socket is another matter. To make sure you don’t disturb anyone else there’s a 3.5mm headphone socket. Just remember to keep your wooping to a minimum.

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