G-Form Reactive Protective Pads
  • G-Form Reactive Protective Pads

G-Form Reactive Protective Pads

Be kind to your knees

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    elbow pads

    Protect your precious elbows

    Life can dish out some tough lessons, especially if you’re prone to throwing yourself down mountains, off halfpipes, around skate parks, and generally in harm’s way. So before you push off, pull on some G-Form Reactive Protective Pads.

    Lightweight and super flexible, these advanced pads feature Reactive Protection Technology – a composite blend of PORON® XRD™ material and proprietary G-Form materials and technology. No, we’ve no idea either. But wear these over (or under) your clothing and they’ll absorb all the knocks and bumps you can throw at them.

    Knee pads

    Wear inside or outside your clothing

    What’s more, thanks to all those composite doodahs and proprietary whatsits, they won’t need to be replaced after you take a spill. Unlike a bike helmet, these rugged shock absorbers will bounce back into shape after an impact. And unlike rigid pads, they’ll stay close to your skin, flexing and moving as you do. So there’s no chance they’ll be slightly out of place when you do (eventually) take a tumble.

    Working in all temperatures, the G-Form Reactive Protective Pads are as much at home in the snow as they are in the skatepark. You can even lend them to your mum to kneel on in the garden. Fully washable and covered by a lifetime warranty they’re guaranteed to hold out as long as your nerve does. Geronimo!

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