G-Form Extreme iPad 3 Sleeve
  • G-Form Extreme iPad 3 Sleeve

G-Form Extreme iPad 3 Sleeve

Sudden impact? Pah!

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    Protecting iPad 2 outdoors

    Perfect for the outdoors

    Life is tough, especially if you’re wafer-thin with a big glass screen. That’s why it makes sense to protect your precious iPad when you’re on the move. But why go for a wimpy case when you can slip your gizmo inside the G-Form Extreme iPad 3 Sleeve. Tough? It’s the Statham…no, the Diesel…no, the Jack Bauer of iPad sleeves.

    Soft, flexible and lightweight this phenomenally rugged water-resistant sleeve utilises Reactive Protection Technology, a composite blend of PORON XRD (no, us neither) and G-Form materials to achieve its incredible strength. Indeed its makers have dropped bowling balls on it and even chucked one from a plane to test its protective muscle.

    Not that you’ll be doing much of that. The point is this amazing zip-up sleeve is compact enough to go in a backpack yet will shrug off the bumps and knocks of daily life like Arnie swatting a fly. It looks pretty cool too – like the kind of thing an X-Man might use to eat his tea off. Come and have a go ‘cos we think it’s hard enough!

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