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G-Form Extreme Laptop Sleeve
  • G-Form Extreme Laptop Sleeve

G-Form Extreme Laptop Sleeve

Clumsy geeks rejoice

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    This rugged case is sure to keep your laptop safe in extreme conditions

    We’ve always wondered why aeroplanes aren’t made from the same stuff as those indestructible black box flight recorders. But now we’re faced with a crazier conundrum: why aren’t all laptops made from the same stuff as the incredible G-Form Extreme Laptop Sleeve?

    It’s a valid question because this ridiculously tough, water-resistant sleeve will protect your laptop like nothing else out there. Utilising Reactive Protection Technology, a composite blend of PORON XRD (no, no idea) and G-Form materials to achieve its incredible strength, the G-Form’s impact-soaking flexible structure is truly amazing. Indeed its makers have even chucked one from a balcony just to test its protective muscle.

    Not that we’d recommend that. The point is this amazingly lightweight sleeve is compact enough to go in a backpack, even if you’re carrying boulders alongside it (loopy jogger-style). It looks pretty macho to boot. In fact short of encasing your laptop in concrete and sprinkling it with stubble we can think of no better way to protect your ‘puter and remain ruggedly on-trend.

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