G-Clip Compact 4-in-1 Golf Tool
  • G-Clip Compact 4-in-1 Golf Tool

G-Clip Compact 4-in-1 Golf Tool

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    Easily attaches to your belt

    Attaches easily to your belt

    We’ve seen plenty of golfing gadgets in our time, but few have as much professional clout as the G-Clip Compact 4-in-1 Golf Tool. In fact, 9 out of 10 PGA Tour Partners Members would recommend it. Impressive! But what does it do?

    Well, this compact gizmo has a built-in magnet to hold your place markers. It has a stainless steel divot tool to repair and aerate greens (which also doubles as a club rest to keep your grips dry). It has a sprung holder for storing two thick or thin tees of any length. It features moulded Velcro to securely hold your loose glove. And it’ll attach easily to your belt or waistband, so it’s always on hand when you need it. Not bad for something weighing only 1oz (28g)!

    Save yourself from rooting through pockets and bags for the right bit of kit. Click the G-Clip Compact 4-in-1 Golf Tool on your slacks and focus on more important things. Like that 19th hole.

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