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Fyre Festival Terrarium
  • Fyre Festival Terrarium

Fyre Festival Terrarium

The party never starts

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Fyre Festival Terrarium
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  • Fyre Festival lives on in this terrarium
  • The magic of the ill-fated party island in a glass tank
  • Complete with identikit Instagram model
  • Cheese sandwich, anyone?


You may have been lucky enough to miss the boat on Fyre Festival the first time around, but that won’t stop you from owning your very own piece of the magic and proudly displaying it on your desk for all to see.

Transport your desk to Great Exuma, Bahamas, for a one of a kind VIP terrarium experience. From the half-finished tent accommodation to the thoughtful styrofoam-clad catering, this stunning glass tank contains a flawless 3D snapshot of the world’s most infamous luxury festival.

There’s even a beautiful model sunbathing on the beach! But who is she? Hailey Baldwin? Gigi Hadid? Her Facetuned, surgically-altered features are so ubiquitous that we’re not quite sure. But rest assured she’s having a fabulous time and definitely not panicking about whether or not she’ll ever see her luggage again.

Hang on, is that a stray Evian bottle we spy in the corner? If you look closely in a hut nearby you'll see a knackered Andy King wiping his mouth and a very satisfied customs agent reclining on an empty pallet.

Is there anything we DIDN’T think to add? Even the price tag is as ridiculous as the tickets to the original!

Please note: Regrettably, and after much careful and difficult consideration, Miniature Blink 182 want to let you know that they won't be playing at the Fyre Fest Terrarium on your desk. They’re a bit worried about all the human rights breaches taking place, so they’re bailing. Sorry.

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