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Funding Frame
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Funding Frame

Visualise your goals

Product not available at the moment.
  • Dream big and save for it
  • One slot for your special photo, one for your coins
  • Chunky gem-shaped photo frame with marble effect
  • Rubber stopper in the base


Saving money is hard, and a tacky piggy bank or an old jar aren't going to inspire anyone. You need a picture to remind you what you're aiming towards – you need the Funding Frame

A long-overdue night out with your mates? A weekend in Reykjavik? Gender reassignment surgery? This ceramic, gem-shaped photo frame has a slot in the front for your aspirational photo and another in the top for your precious shrapnel.

Naturally there's a rubber stopper in the base so you don't have to smash it to pieces.

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  • "i love the pretty pattern and fun way to save money for something you really want!"
    Chloe - 13th of February, 2017