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    Watch our Firebox Unboxes... review of the FunFlyStick

    Watch our amazing
    Firebox Unboxes... review!

    If you thought levitation was the stuff of make believe, prepare to be utterly astounded by the mind-blowing FunFlyStick. Guaranteed to flabber your gast, this multi-award-winning wand lets you levitate and control various metallic shapes, as if by magic. Harry who?

    FunFlyStick levitating a shape

    Hocus pocus!

    Seeing is disbelieving and trying to describe how this highly Hogwartian thingummy works is a bit like trying to portray sausagemeat via the medium of dance, but here goes.

    The wand contains a tiny battery-powered Van de Graaff generator (go Google), which, when activated via a button, generates an electrostatic charge. When the tip of the wand touches the tinselly shapes (or ‘FunFlyers’) they become charged and thus repelled by the wand. Or something like that.

    The different Mylar Flying toys...

    The different Flying Mylar Toys

    1x butterfly

    3x sphere

    1x hourglass

    The power button for the FunFlyStick

    Activate the Van de Graaff generator!

    Once you get the hang of swishing the wand to control the shapes, you can go all Potter-ish with some really fancy tricks. You can even electrocharge yourself or any other object and ‘beckon’ the FunFlyers with your hand, or make them jump between your body and the wand. Abraca-flippin’-dabra!

    The makers reckon all this hocus pocus teaches users about physics, but we’ve been too busy impressing onlookers to worry about geeky twaddle. It’s something to do with static electricity. ‘Nuff said.

    How to use the wand

    Hold out the shape...

    The wand will expand it...

    and make it levitate!

    The wand levitating a shape


    Each wand comes with five FunFlyers: one hourglass, one butterfly and three spheres. Different shapes have different floating properties, so the possibilities are endless. You’ll be hooked before you can say ‘I’ll just get me invisibility cloak.’

    We think the FunFlyStick is one the most addictive playthings ever. It’s definitely top ten in terms of wow factor. You’ll never want to work again. So for your next trick, hurry up and hit the Button. Alakazam!

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