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Fun Fragrances
  • Fun Fragrances

Fun Fragrances

Scents for the not-so-sensible

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    Fun Fragrances

    Have a whiff of these Fun Fragrances

    You never forget your first smells, do you? We’re not talking about your messy diapers here – we’re talking about those delightful niffs that wafted through your playdays as a nipper, miasmas that fire every synapse of the brain with alerts that shout: ‘good times!’, ‘play on!’ and ‘don’t eat that stuff off the floor!’.

    It’s high time some boffins distilled such pleasurable pongs into handy liquid form, ain’t it? Well looky here, because that’s just what Fun Fragrances are up to. Taking the unforgettable scent of Play-Doh and transforming it into a 30ml bottle of cologne to wear every day is a thing of genius: not only will you breeze through the day being constantly reminded of your footloose days as an ankle-biting tearaway, you’ll also remind others of the same thing.


    Gin & Tonic



    Smells like Play-doh

    Smell like a fresh tub
    of Play-Doh

    It’s 50 years since Play-Doh first hit the market and the tang of a fresh tub of the stuff still has the capacity to electrify a room. A whimsical scent with its own playful power, you’ll wonder why they’ve never tried it before.


    Get a waft of old-skool wax crayons

    If Play-Doh isn’t your thing, fair enough. You may have been raised by humbug parents who told you Blu-Tac was a viable alternative. And with Fun Fragrances there’s a cheeky alternative too. Try the scent of old-skool wax Crayons, the ubiquitous coloured sticks that graced a thousand kitchen walls with scribbles and doodles. We’re not sure which colour Crayon this smells like, but we bet it didn’t half take some scrubbing to get the wax off the plasterwork.

    Gin & Tonic

    Memories of summer days on the veranda with Gin & Tonic

    Too childish? Then take a sniff at the older end of the market with the spookily accurate Gin & Tonic fragrance. The hint of lime and heady scent of juniper-rich gin and quinine will make your smelling gland giddy at the memories of summer days on the veranda, watching cricket by the pavilion, and of course the Queen Mum’s heady breath, long since departed. God bless you, ma’am – if only you’d known you could wear the stuff and not just drink it you may have made 103!

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