Fullips Lip Enhancer

Bigmouth Strikes Again

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  • Is your pout looking a little shoddy? Pucker the hell up
  • Suck here for strikingly voluptuous lips
  • Quick fix: Fullips stimulates blood circulation in your kisser
  • Results in an instant: a mere suck will make your gob look gorgeous
  • Sumptuous lips for up to three whole hours
  • Pops in your pocket and 3 different shapes to choose from
On the hunt for an XXL pout? You reckon collagen and needles are a little OTT but, by God, you'd do anything for lips like Jolie and lip liner just ain't cutting it.

This nifty little suction device is taking the internet by storm. Why? It'll give your smackers an impeccable boost for up to three hours. Simply place Fullips around your mouth - and suck.

Suction to enlarge lips has been around a fair old while. Ancient cultures in the likes of Asia, Egypt and the Middle East used cupping therapy—which uses suction as an alternative medicine—to enlarge lips.

Pocket-sized Fullips stimulates blood circulation in your lips - plumping them into a gloriously voluptuous pout that'll stick around for up to three hours.
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