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    How do these madcap designers do it? Every time we think they've blown their creative cookies, they come up with a flash of inspiration that's simply oozing with 'why didn't I think of that?' factor.

    This is particularly true of our innovative friends at Suck UK, because their latest idea is brilliant in its simplicity. FruitBalls are ceramic bowls in the shape of deflated footballs and basketballs. Ingenious, eh? Now why didn't we think of that?

    More imaginative than Sven's excuses and Dennis Rodman's dress sense combined, FruitBalls are ideal for sport fans who like snacking during televised games. Fill 'em with nachos, crisps, nuts or whatever. You can even keep your half time oranges in them.

    In fact you can use FruitBalls to hold almost anything that needs a sporty, highly distinctive home: keys, coins, cufflinks - you name it. Put one on your desk and we guarantee curious colleagues will be asking you about it.

    Ultra-realistic, you'd be forgiven for thinking these sporty bowls were genuine saggy balls. When we first saw 'em we tried to find a pump. Then we picked one up and realised that, unlike the crushed balls you might find lurking under a hedge, it was totally inflexible. Which is just as well because you wouldn't want visitors trying to manipulate your deflated balls.

    Speaking of puerile innuendos, we've somehow managed to resist making too many, so we'll quit while we're ahead. But hear this: FruitBall stocks are limited, so avoid that deflated feeling and get ordering.

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