Fruit Ninja Slice of Life
  • Fruit Ninja Slice of Life

Fruit Ninja Slice of Life

The best thing since sliced breadfruit

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    mission cards

    Select mission cards from the deck

    Not a lot of people know this but Fruit Ninja – the smash Apple iOS and Android app – is based on fact. Fruit ninjas really are out there, and they’re on a mission to lop great juicy chunks off any fruit that is lobbed their way. Want to join them? Well put down your smartphone and get some practice in with Fruit Ninja Slice of Life.

    Based on the massively popular touchscreen game, this real life version features 20 physical fruit and bomb pieces and two short fruit ninja swords – or ‘kumquatanas’. We just made that up.

    screenshot from iphone app

    Slice the fruit in the popular app

    Draw a mission card each round from the deck to decide your target fruit. Then... start slicing! Easy to set up and even faster to play, this game of kung-fruit is great for the whole family. Stand back, we’re going to make a salad.

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