Fruit Ninja Plush
  • Fruit Ninja Plush

Fruit Ninja Plush

I know kung-fruit

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    Watch out for the bomb!

    We all know that Fruit Ninjas are real – we’ve seen them in their civilian clothes practicing on the train, on the bus and in bars while they wait for their ninja mates. You must have seen them too – frantically swooshing their finger across their smartphone as digital fruits are lobbed at them. You may even have had a go on the game yourself. Oh alright... of course you’ve had a go. After all, Fruit Ninja for iPhone iOS and Android phones is one of the most downloaded games of all time.

    But do you have what it takes to be an actual Fruit Ninja? Well now you can take your chop-socky skills to the next level with Fruit Ninja Plush. One step further than the smartphone game but a few steps away from going full Tarantino in the greengrocers, these adorable characters can be hugged, squeezed, cuddled and occasionally lobbed into the air and tonked with a stick.

    Modelled on their in-game namesakes, these 5” characters will sit happily by your bedside, in the car, on your desk, or in your pocket. Choose from the familiar bomb, apple, pineapple or strawberry... or collect the whole set!
    Apple, Pineapple and Strawberry

    The Fruit Ninja gang (from l-r): Apple, Pineapple and Strawberry


    Slice and dice the fruit in the game

    Fully licensed by the masterful chaps behind Fruit Ninja, these squishable icons even feature the game’s signature sound effects. So you can enjoy that familiar ‘splat’ as you practice the ancient art of kung-fruit.

    Each one is a cuddly reminder of the glory that awaits you as a fully-qualified Fruit Ninja. So hit that Buy button, practice your combos and hope to goodness your head doesn’t actually resemble a melon – the world is about to catch fruit-slicing fever!

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