Frosty Glasses
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Frosty Glasses

Stay cool without the ice

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    Twin pack of Tumblers and Beer Tankards

    Tumblers or Tankards

    Ice is nice, but plopping cubes in your lager is a sacrilegious act of desperation. And then there’s all that melting business, annoying in any drink, from squash to cider. So thank goodness for Frosty Glasses.

    Ultra cool, these durable, double-walled acrylic vessels are lined with a non-toxic gel that freezes solid, keeping drinks colder than a polar bear’s posterior. Keep ‘em on hand in the freezer. The peas won’t mind. It’s like having glasses made of solid ice, only these babies won’t melt in your mitts or rip your lips off. Brrr-illiant!

    Popping the Frosty Glasses in the freezer Filling up the Beer Tankard The ice particles keeping the drink cool

    Pop them upside down
    in the freezer for 5 hours

    Fill with your favourite tipple

    It will keep ice-cold for longer!

    Because Frosty Glasses keep drinks colder for longer, you can relax between sips, safe in the knowledge your beverage of choice will remain icy cold yet undiluted. You can also use these cool tumblers and tankards to chill lukewarm wine and just-bought beers. Mmm, ice cold lime cordial… with lashings of lager!

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