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Frostfire Moonlamp
  • Frostfire Moonlamp

Frostfire Moonlamp

See things in a whole new light

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    LED lights on the Frostfire Moonlamp

    Bright colourful LED lights!

    Putting in coloured light bulbs, drinking something potent and fiddling with the dimmer switch is all well and good. But if you want to create dramatically beautiful lighting effects minus the short circuits and headaches, you need the incredible Frostfire Moonlamp.

    This state of the art mood lamp uses a trio of powerful LEDs to bathe walls with a relaxing kaleidoscope of vibrant colours that will totally transform the ambience of any room. With 512 colours/shades to choose from you’re spoilt for choice!

    A sleek remote lets you control brightness, speed and colour and you can also select one of nine preset colours. Whether you’re after chilled out effects, shifting colours or crazy shadows, the Moonlamp delivers big time.

    The Frostfire Moonlamp remote Frostfire Moonlamp in a lounge displaying red/orange colours Smooth transition mode on the Frostfire Moonlamp

    Pick your colour and adjust the lightness and mode from the remote

    Warm up your lounge in seconds!

    Smooth transition mode

    Mains or battery operated, this fancy-pants gizmo even allows you to set the mood in bathrooms and gardens. Put it in the conservatory and neighbours will think the Martians have landed. It really does render lava lamps and similar old-school glow-chuckers obsolete. Ohmmmm!

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