FroliCat Twitch
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FroliCat Twitch

When the owner’s away, the cat will play

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    Watching your cat make a complete ‘nana of itself is hilarious. But teasing pusskins with bits of string is no way for gadget-packing animal lovers to behave. Besides, you can’t entertain Tiddles when you’re out (unless you’re one of those freakazoids who takes their cat for walkies). So thank goodness for the FroliCat Twitch.

    Diagram of pressing the button Diagram of the TWITCH swinging Cat playing with TWITCH

    Press for Twitch to start playing

    Press and hold for the
    "play while away mode"

    Keep Kitty entertained!

    FroliCat Twitch

    No, it's not a Dalek!

    Hot on the heels (or should that be paws?) of FroliCat’s other cat entertainment systems, this paw-swipingly funny battery-operated gizmo will have moggy clawing, pawing, roly-ing and poly-ing for dear life as it automatically flicks around a ball, feather and bell. It even beeps to let kitty know when a play session is about to begin. Meow!

    Simply attach the Twitch to any smooth surface via its suction cup, set the mode (Single Play or pre-scheduled Play While You Are Away) and relax/go about your business, safe in the knowledge your smug, lazy cat will soon be going bonkers, jumping around like an undignified loon. Balls of string? Bah!

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