FroliCat DART
  • FroliCat DART

FroliCat DART

The cat’s whiskers/dog’s doodahs!

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    Cats are hilarious. When they’re not sashaying around looking aloof and regal, they’re going loopy swatting imaginary flies and leaping about like whiskered loons. And as for dogs, well, they’re barking. But attempting to entertain pets can be rather tedious, especially when you tire of waving bits of string around. That’s why you need the FroliCat DART.

    controls laser rotating lid



    360° rotation!

    This pimped-up version of the award-winning FroliCat BOLT will keep cats and dogs enthralled for hours on end. Simply place it on the floor, turn it on and snigger in amazement as furry friends go bonkers chasing the random laser patterns projected by the DART’s fully rotating ‘lid’ section. Meow! Woof!

    With variable speed and timer settings, this sleek gizmo offers 16 paw-swipingly madcap play combinations. Yes, you can entertain Tiddles/Fido by dressing him up as an Edwardian gent/Hitler, but let’s face it, people who do that aren’t well. So quit chasing your tail and get ordering. Purr! Bark!

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