FroliCat BOLT
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FroliCat BOLT

Bits of string? Bah!

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    There’s something unfathomably funny about watching a cat go bananas as it chases a fast moving object. Witness Tom and Jerry. Unfortunately most moggies are too busy lazing around looking smug to make roly-polying fools of themselves for your entertainment. And that’s why you need the FroliCat BOLT.

    Guaranteed to keep Tiddles (and even Fido) transfixed for hours, this award-winning high-tech device automatically projects random laser patterns around the room. Think of it as a futuristic take on the traditional ball of wool. Pets will be chasing it, pawing it, attacking it and pouncing on it before you can say ‘dignity, what dignity?’ Giving four-legged friends a workout has never been such fun.

    Of course the big difference here is that you don’t have to dangle anything around because the stylish, skittle-like FroliCat features an automatic mode. Just place it on a flat surface and it will fire its moggy/doggy-transfixing beam all over the place for 15 minutes before switching off.

    If you prefer to torment pusskins in a more hands-on fashion, simply switch to manual mode and create your own laser patterns. You can even adjust FroliCat’s internal mirror so that its beam flits across specific areas. Claw marks on my priceless Chippendale? Not blimmin’ likely!

    Battery powered and supremely portable, you can take this ingenious gizmo wherever your cat/dog happens to be lounging. If a dancing laser beam doesn’t wrest them from their aloof lolloping, nothing will. Besides, in tests, eight out of ten owners said that their cats absolutely loved it. The other two were too busy laughing to comment. Meow!

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