Frog King Glass Bauble
  • Frog King Glass Bauble

Frog King Glass Bauble

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    Adding the bauble to the xmas tree

    Frogs live in trees right?

    We’re not sure if the Frog King succeeded his father to the throne, or if he seized it in an ambitious, amphibious coup. However, what we do know for sure is that the Frog King Glass Bauble really is the most remarkable piece of Christmas kitsch we have ever seen! Which is why we just had to share it.

    Indeed, this bauble is so overwhelmingly gaudy we can only look at it sideways. Hand painted red, gold and green; with an assortment of stuck-on jewels; it’s like a bad smell for the eyes. Hang it reverently on your tree and wait for fashionable friends and family to notice. Anyone with a modicum of taste is likely to attack it upon sight, or at the very least squirt mulled wine out of their nose.

    With absolutely nothing going for it, the Frog King Glass Bauble is perhaps the greatest awful present you could ever give (pray you never receive one) – perfect for Secret Santas, moody relatives or stuck-up fashionistas. It’s gaudy, it’s tacky, it’s so awful it’s brilliant. All hail the Frog King!

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