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Frigits Deluxe

    Frigits Deluxe

    Totally addictive marble madness for your fridge!

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      If you're old enough to remember the classic game of Mousetrap you'll undoubtedly recall its crazily addictive, cartoon-esque maze of flumes, funnels, tunnels and troughs with great affection. Watching a marble meander through a series of improbable obstacles was strangely mesmerising. And it's just one of the reasons why we think Frigits Deluxe is going to be equally popular. This ingenious, fridge-based plaything has won every toy award going, and is as addictive as it is simple.

      Frigits Deluxe Essentially, Frigits Deluxe consists of several marbles and a series of colourful magnetic funnels, tunnels, catapults, spinners and sheer drops that stick to the side of your fridge.

      The idea is to arrange the pieces into your own magnetic 'roller coaster' and watch as the marbles roll, drop, plop and spin down the fridge door until they land in a collection tray. Which, believe us, is infinitely more entertaining than arranging fridge poetry or dressing a magnetized version of Michelangelo's David in a pink tutu and cowboy hat.

      Frigits Deluxe is also a brilliant office plaything, as its magnetized pieces will stick to any metal surface - perfect for filing cabinets and drinks machines.

      Best of all, Frigits Deluxe can be arranged however you like, so you can have fun designing increasingly treacherous routes for your intrepid marbles. The permutations are endless and once you've adorned your fridge with Frigits we guarantee you'll find it impossible to walk past without having a quick go. Absolutely marbleous!

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