Friends Photo Frame Mug
  • Friends Photo Frame Mug
  • Friends Photo Frame Mug
  • Friends Photo Frame Mug

Friends Photo Frame Mug

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Friends Photo Frame Mug
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Take a sip of sweet 90s sitcom nostalgia
  • What's a purple peephole between friends?
  • Slide any (small) photo you please into the iconic yellow frame
  • Classic Friend's logo on the other side
  • The perfect gift for someone that's still watching old episodes on Netflix


Who frames a peephole? Monica Geller that's who.

Take a looong sip from the Friends Frame Mug and lament the fact that you don't live in a spacious penthouse apartment in Manhattan across the hallway from all your best mates.

This iconic coffee cup actually lets you slot your own photo into the frame so you can keep your friends a little closer – or you can just admire the peephole.

What size photos fit in the frame?
  • Good question. Up to 4.5cm x 6.5cm. So you should be able to squeeze an Instax Mini or Kiipix photo in there

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  • "The perfect bday gift. Do you have a loved one whose love for hot beverages and Friends is greater than their love of you? Look no further 🙌🏻"
    - 29th of May, 2020