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Friends Monopoly
  • Friends Monopoly
  • Friends Monopoly
  • Friends Monopoly
  • Friends Monopoly
  • Friends Monopoly
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Friends Monopoly

The one with the board game

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Friends Monopoly
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Love it as much as we do?
  • FRIENDS edition of your favourite board game
  • We don’t need to explain Monopoly to you, you know the drill
  • Collectible pieces themed around the six friends themselves
  • Fab fun for 2-6 FRIENDS fans
  • Or 2-6 very confused property tycoons


FRIENDS Monopoly is long overdue. So many memorable locations and funny moments to discover and relive on your way around the board. Passing go is now Central Perk, going to jail is Ross and Rachel’s relationship jail. So much to explore.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a super special Monopoly board without custom pieces. Gone are the boring old top hat and dog, say hello to the new FRIENDS tokens: a handbag (Rachel), a chef's hat (Monica), an acoustic guitar (Phoebe), a sweater vest (Chandler), a takeaway pizza (Joey) and a T-Rex (Ross).

You just can’t beat a game of Monopoly, but everyone falls victim to over-play now and again. Reignite your love for what may just be the best selling game of all time, and remember why this property-based strategy game is your lobster.

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